Bourne Ultimatum chase scene looks to be another gem

Our local cable provider has been promoting the Hell out of the next installment of the Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum, offering cheap direct-to-your-tube rentals of the previous two films. Having only seen the sequel, we took some time out of our day off to sit through the first flick and enjoyed it that much more. Especially the two masterfully choreographed chase sequences in both films.

It looks like the third film in the trilogy won't be lacking any of the tire shredding thrills found in the previous installments, as Matt Damon reportedly drives a C5 Audi A6 through the streets of Manhattan. According to a few industry rags that were compiled by Fourtitude, the chase begins, "at the corner of Market and South Sts. and end[s] near the Department of Transportation lot underneath the Brooklyn Bridge..."

A few live shots were made available at the aLive from New York blog, including the one above.

Unfortunately, we don't know what other vehicles, outside the Audi, are going to be used in the scene. What we do know is that according to Paul Greengrass, the film's director, the chase sequence will not be utilizing CGI. Now that's good news.

[Sources: Fourtitude, alive from New York]

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