WHOA! Gear-shift coat rack coolest coat rack ever

The greatest inventions in human history have often been the simplest. Like the wheel. The greatest inventions also have a way of being beyond language -- you can understand them in Uruguay or Urdu. It might not be the greatest invention ever, but the shift knob hanger rack is terribly simple and anyone who's seen the inside of a stickshift car gets it. All you have to add is a wall to hang it on and coats to hang on it. The web site selling it (either Shop Colour or USA Colour, we couldn't tell) looks to accept every form of payment known, and if you're in Japan it looks like you can get it at 7-11 and Circle K. (How come our local 7-11 doesn't carry these things?) It's about $68 at today's exchange rates. Like the ad says: Cool.

[Source: USA Color via Carscoop]

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