Excuse me while I take care of a little bit of AutoblogGreen housekeeping.

To start with, we'd like to share ourselves with you. If you've got your own website and want to offer your readers the AutoblogGreen headlines, we've created a bit of code (available here) that gives you a constantly updated headline widget. There's also one for Autoblog (click here), so you'll never be without the latest auto news. As you can see with the two examples above, the widget's background can be adapted to match whatever color scheme is on your website and if you do use the widget, it'd be awful swell if you let us know. As John mentioned over on Autoblog, maybe - just maybe - this will put an end to the endless stream of content-stealing splogs we find. Ah, who am I trying to kid?

Speaking of content, we're still accepting applications for new bloggers, but not for long. If you've been meaning to finish up your application, you've got 24 hours. We need them in by Thursday morning. You may have noticed one new name on the site, Art Vatsky, and we're looking to add two more very soon. Art has been interested in alternative engines and alternative fuels since the 1980 energy crisis and has been a project manager on Stirling and Rotary engines, as well as a consultant on alternative fuel systems, both on the vehicle and infrastructure side. He worked with a developer of hybrid vehicle technology early in the 21st century and has done work with various transit bus system operators on energy saving systems and has recently became involved doing similar for refuse trucks. With his long background in this field, he says he feels the technology exists for Americans to use a lot less fuel than they currently do. The challenge is to get the word out so that vehicle users get back to basics and act in their own best interest. That is why he is glad to join the Autoblog Green team, he says.

Please welcome Art and keep your eyes peeled for more fresh voices. Or perhaps it's time to let us know what skills can you bring to the site?

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