Fuel Cell industry goes to US Congress

Backers of fuel cell technology will be trekking down to Washington again next week to put on another dog and pony show for the holders of the nation's purse-strings. Members of the US Fuel Cell Council be putting on the 2007 Congressional Fuel Cell Expo on May 15 in the Cannon House Office Building. They will be demonstrating a variety of fuel cell applications including stationary, portable and automotive.

Ride and drives in fuel cell vehicles from General Motors and Toyota will be available between 9 and 2 for anyone attending and the event is open to anyone including the general public and government officials. No registration is required so if you're in the area on Tuesday and want to learn more about fuel cells or check out a car powered by one, go check it out.

Update: GM will be bringing one of their HydroGen3 vans for the Ride and Drive event.

[Source: US Fuel Cell Council]

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