BMW Motorrad neck brace System We normally don't cover motorcycle news here on Autoblog, but a release from BMW Motorrad yesterday caught our attention and we thought we'd share it. Motorrad is BMW's motorcycle division, and yesterday it introduced its new neck Brace System, which is designed to help protect the spinal cord from injury in the event of an accident. It's usable with any helmet, and the way it works is quite simple.

The rider places the carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass brace around his or her neck and then secures it using a pair of fasteners mounted to its side. It's padded with soft-touch materials on its underside, so it'll be comfortable to the wearer, and the use of lightweight materials keeps it from becoming too cumbersome. Developed with the aid of a physician, the brace helps keep the rider's neck from moving too far forward, backward, or laterally, and also helps absorb energy coming down to the spine from the helmet if the impact is coming from above. According to BMW, at no time does this device inhibit the rider's normal range of movement. The system will cost £325 in the UK, and unfortunately, we don't have any info on when/if it will be available in the US, and what our pricing would be. We'd like to hear what you motorcycle riders out there think of this device in the comments.

[Source: BMW Motorrad]

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