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Armless, one-legged man proves elusive for police in downtown chase

If one were to create of list of things needed to successfully elude the police in a chase, you'd think a full assortment of limbs would be pretty high on the list. Michael Francis Wiley, 40, from Florida would likely beg to differ. Wiley is a three-time amputee who lost both his arms and one leg in an accident when he was 13. Despite that, he taught himself how to drive with stumps and acquaintances report he can even drive stick.
Wiley practices a lot, apparently by leading police on chases through populated areas in Pasco County, FL, his most recent being last Tuesday when police approached him and he took off in a blue Ford Explorer. The police gave chase for eight minutes before backing off because bystanders were potentially in danger.

Wiley's license has been suspended so many times for prior traffic violations that even being caught behind the wheel at this point is a felony, which is no doubt what crossed his mind when he took off in his Exlporer. The St. Petersburg Times reports that this particular chase wouldn't make the cut for Most Amazing Police Chases, though in 1998, Wiley did reach speeds in a Corvette of 120 mph in a separate chase. Though Wiley got away this time, the police have likely already issued an arrest warrant and it's only a matter of time before he's brought in, assuming the New Port Richey Police can ever catch him.

The quote of the day comes from Lee Michie, another acquaintance of Wiley's who told the St. Petersburg Times, "He is one of the best drivers I've ever seen in my life. But he's the worst person I've ever met."

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