The website Daily Fuel Economy Tip recently ran a poll of their readers to find out if the current run up in gas prices has impacted their behavior. With prices in my part of the world having gone from a low of $1.85 /gallon to a current average of just under $3.20 it would seem likely people would adjust and that's what the poll showed. Forty-two percent of respondents said they had already changed their driving patterns and another twenty-five percent said they would drive less when gas hit $4 a gallon.

The poll is obviously not very specific and, as with most online polls, is somewhat self-selecting. People going to a site named Daily Fuel Economy Tip are probably more likely to alter their behavior at a lower price threshold anyway. Nonetheless as gas prices head toward $4 and beyond road trips are likely to be less frequent this summer. In the meantime you can save yourself some cash by combining trips, making sure tires are properly inflated and following all the other usual tips.

[Source: Daily Fuel Economy Tip]

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