Every week we come across about a dozen websites that literally steal our posts verbatim by doing something called "scraping the feed". Basically, a website is set up to "scrape" the content from our RSS feed and republish it, often with no attribution or any indication that the content comes from Autoblog. As a matter of fact, this post should be appearing on some of those sites right about now. It's a nasty scam to earn a quick buck off of Google AdSense dollars, and Autoblog is certainly not the only site affected.

On the flip side, we've also been contacted by many websites, some having nothing to do with cars, that just want to feature our content with proper attribution. For those webmasters out there who want to add some auto news to their website's diet, we present the above widget. It's a nifty piece of software engineering that scrolls Autoblog headlines in a handy module. The code, which can be found here (or here for AutoblogGreen), just needs to be copied and pasted into your site's HTML. It's that easy, and this way you won't get a nasty cease and desist letter from the 33rd floor of AOL HQ (that's where they keep the lawyers).

Also, if you've got a cell phone that's web enabled, don't forget to visit Autoblog on your mobile. The website should automatically detect you're using a cell and send you to our mobile page, which is light on graphics. You can also visit the mobile version of Autoblog by typing in http://m.autoblog.com/.

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