Chrysler has created three new ads for their dealers to use that promote their more fuel-efficient vehicles such as the PT Cruiser, Dodge Caliber and Avenger. Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge each get their own ads and all of the vehicles that achieve at least 30 mpg on the EPA ratings is featured. Chrysler is also providing hints to drivers on how to maximize their fuel economy with all the usual stuff like checking tire pressures, replacing air filters, avoiding jack rabbit starts and driving a little slower. In addition, they recommend getting rid of extra weight removing unused items from roof racks and removing empty bike racks and other carriers. The press release and the Jeep commercial are available after the jump.

[Source: Chrysler]

Chrysler Group Highlights Fuel Economy in New Dealer Advertising Campaign

Just in time for the summer travel season, Chrysler Group is launching a new dealer advertising campaign highlighting the fuel efficiency of its new cars and small SUVs.

Called "Maximize Your Miles," the ads from the Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge brands feature vehicles that achieve around 30 mpg, including the Chrysler Sebring, PT Cruiser and 300; Jeep Compass and Patriot; and Dodge Charger, Caliber and Avenger. The Jeep spot was available on May 1 for dealers to air. The Dodge and Chrysler versions will start running on May 7 and May 8, respectively.

"We created this campaign because consumers were looking for more information about our fuel economy ratings," said George Murphy, Senior Vice President – Global Marketing, Chrysler Group. "As people spend more time traveling in theirs cars during the summer, it made perfect sense to remind them that with Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge products, you don't need to sacrifice design, style or features to get a good fuel economy."

In addition to the television spots, Chrysler Group's fuel economy message will be supported by print and radio advertising, as well as point of purchase and targeted direct mail pieces.

The Spots
The Chrysler brand ad, called "Import," opens with a voiceover that says, "Chrysler proves you don't need an import to get great mileage." The spot then cuts to beautiful, romantic footage of the Chrysler Sebring, PT Cruiser and 300, with supers highlighting the fuel economy rating for each vehicle. The voiceover returns with, "Fuel efficiency never looked so good."

In the Jeep brand spot, called "Self Serve," a group of friends are on a road-trip in a Compass and Patriot. After several hours of driving, they stop at a gas station and one of the drivers heads inside to the "squishee" machine. His friends take a few minutes to stretch and play around as they wait. After what seems like a very long time, we see that the driver has filled a 5-gallon gas can from the "squishee" machine. As the vehicles drive off, the voiceover says, "With gas mileage this good, they'll change the way you think about filling up."

"Drive Responsibly," the Dodge brand spot, opens on what appears to be alcohol sloshing into a glass. But as the camera pulls back, a gas pump is revealed and the liquid is gasoline, not alcohol. The voiceover says, "It's highly refined. It's imported by the barrel. It's something you shouldn't guzzle while driving. Now Dodge goes the distance with our most fuel-efficient line-up ever." Footage of the Dodge Charger, Caliber and Avenger is interspersed with images of the features available on these cars, including the Boston Acoustics Sound System, ChillZone™ beverage cooler and the MyGIG™ Infotainment System.

The Jeep brand spot will be available soon. The Dodge ad will be available for viewing on May 4 and the Chrysler version will be posted on May 7.

Get the Most Out of Every Tank
While Chrysler Group is continuing to work to improve the fuel economy of its vehicles through technologies such as Multi-displacement System, more efficient engines and diesel technology, there are additional measures customers can take to enhance their fuel economy.

  • Modifying Driving Habits
    • Slow down - every 5 mph over 65 mph can decrease fuel economy by as much as 7 percent
    • Use modest acceleration when possible, minimizing "jack rabbit" starts
    • Moderate use of air conditioning and other accessories such as fog lamps and heated seats
    • Use cruise control to help maintain a steady speed
    • Limit idle and warm up periods - don't leave vehicles idle while running in for the cup of coffee in the morning
  • Check Vehicle Condition
    • Ensure proper vehicle maintenance
      • Replace dirty air filters - a clogged air filter can reduce fuel economy as much as 10 percent
      • Check tire pressures - tires under inflated by just 2 psi can reduce fuel economy as much as 1 percent
    • Remove extra weight from vehicles - an extra 100 pounds in the trunk or pickup box can lower fuel economy 1 to 2 percent
    • Reduce aerodynamic drag on vehicle by taking empty cargo carriers, bike racks, ski racks, etc. off - at highway speed, 50 percent of the engine power is used to overcome aerodynamic drag
    • Remove unused items from roof racks as a loaded roof rack can reduce fuel economy at highway speeds by as much as 5 percent
    • Keep vehicle engine tuned up as a noticeably out of tune engine can reduce fuel economy as much as 4 percent
    • If vehicle engine light is on, have the vehicle serviced - faulty components such as an oxygen sensor can reduce fuel economy as much as 40 percent

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