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Australia does it again! First non-Euro market to nab Civic Type-R hatch

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As if our fellow car enthusiasts in Australia don't already have it good enough (what with the high-power Commodores, Falcons, Utes and assorted Ford Europe imports), now Honda UK's going to start exporting its Swindon-built Civic Type R 3-door to the island continent. When sale kick off in July, Oz will be the first non-European market to receive the Type R hatchback. It's also scheduled to make the trek to Eastern Europe, with sales in Russia and the Baltic states beginning by the end of the year. This Type R is an altogether different vehicle than the just-introduced JDM Civic Type R (gallery), which is based on the sedan.

Pricing should be in the vicinity of $40,000 Australian dollars (around $32K USD). The Civic Type R generates 201 horsepower at 8,000 RPM from its 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC powerplant, makes the run to 60 in around six seconds, and has a top end of 146 mph. It went on sale in Europe in March. As for us, the most recent rumors point to 2010 for a possible US-market Type R sedan. We'll wait patiently.

[Source: just-auto, sub. req'd]

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