Tom Friedman coined the phrase "Green is the new Red, White and Blue" and he is right. But, as we look around, are we Green? Not yet. We are not even in the 21st century. We instead have just added an extra decade to the 20th century. Just as our military is in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan while the rest of the country acts like the Iraq War as some kind of reality show, we are using the momentum of our old habits – wasteful habits – in our day to day lives. We are too used to being comfortable, too trustworthy of our leaders to think that we really have to change yet.

Petroleum has been a major strategic factor for 100 years, since Sir Winston Churchill decided to dump coal for the Royal Navy and switch to petroleum from . . . Iran. Seems we have got to start closing the spigot on petroleum now so that we have more time to adjust to the realities of 21st century living. Perhaps switching from petroleum will yield the same benefits that switching from coal did: Longer range, cleaner exhaust, greater efficiency, faster speeds, and new modes of transportation. As you recall, there were (and are) no coal-powered aircraft.

(By the way: Opiniomations = Opinions based on Information)

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