Some farmers shying away from ethanol overload

It's kind of taken for granted in a lot of green car circles that ethanol is good for a.) politicians, b.) automakers (all kinds of benefits to make your vehicles E85-ready) and c.) farmers. But hold on a minute. The AP reported over the weekend that there are some farmers in the U.S. who are taking a skeptical look at the recent corn price increase, thanks to demand from ethanol plants. They're not against earning more money, they're just wary that these prices might not continue forever (no kidding) and are hedging their bets with other crops.
Still, more corn will be planted this year than any time since WWII (replacing a lot of cotton and soybeans), so it's not like all farmers are holding back. Just some, especialy those who have survived boom and bust cycles before. Read the entire article here.

[Source: AP]

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