Hyundai realizes dealers need to get educated on RWD

When you're used to selling Accents and Elantras everyday, being tossed a premium sedan, sporting rear-wheel drive and a V8 has the potential to be a bit of a shock. That's what Hyundai sales people are going to be faced with when the Genesis makes its way to dealers in the latter half of '08.

The heads at Hyundai are well aware of this fact and intend to put dealers through some form of educational program in order to equip them with the tools necessary to convert showroom goers into happy customers. But it won't be easy.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

The plan is to thoroughly educate at least one sales rep at each dealership on the Genesis and the platform siblings that will share its underpinnings. From there, it's all about the "customer experience" getting the Emeril treatment and focusing on pushing a product that, until recently, was the antithesis of Hyundai's lineup.

Especially considering the price premium that the Genesis will demand – between $30,000 and $40,000 – Hyundai dealers will have their work cut out for them. Based on Hyundai's recent successes, we think they've got a shot. Now about that coupe...

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