Elizabeth, NJ, At Fuel:Bio Opening Day Ceremonies

Fuel:Bio Holdings, LLC – Producers of Sustainable Fuels and Technologies - recently held opening day ceremonies under beautiful weather conditions. Various elected dignitaries from municipal, county, state and federal government spoke, welcoming this sustainable business to an area that has been part of the non-sustainable landscape for nearly a century. The Bayway petroleum refinery is a short distance from the site.

This first plant, capable of about 1 million gallons a week, will be able to ship biodiesel fuel via truck, rail car, or barge. It can also accept feedstocks - soy oil now provided by farms in Maryland and industrial quality methanol - in the same manner. CEO Marty Borruso explained that the plant is set up to produce biodiesel in a continuous process rather than the batch process normally used.

Fuel:Bio intends to use a biodiesel fueled genset to provide electrical power for the site. Waste heat from the genset is also used for process heat. This is another way of reducing the "carbon footprint" for the making of biodiesel. Looking ahead, Fuel:Bio is investigating the growth of algae, fed by the CO2 and nitrogen in the genset exhaust to grow and harvest natural oil to be used in biodiesel manufacture.

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