Tuners Gone Wild: the ASMA Eagle II Sport Edition S-Class

Germany has the fifth largest GDP in the world. It also has a thriving rap industry. And a huge pool of absurdly wealthy sports figures. What does that mean? Money, bling, and athletes. The perfect environment for a tuner like ASMA to grow in. It is somehow comforting to know that the country that gives us the understated Audi can also go where no Unique Whip has gone before. It is not exactly comforting, however, to lay eyes on the ASMA Eagle II Sport Edition. It was once an S-Class. It could be a Funny Car. If Morris Day and the Time were still in action, and on crack, and headed to a sonic battle with Prince in order to steal Apollonia away, this is what they would drive there. While wearing matching Stacy Adams'.

It cannot be argued, however, that the Eagle II has presence. And a nice set of 21" wheels. It means business. Exactly what business is up for a guess or two. And it will sell like mad. And for those of you who will be purchasing the new C Class, ASMA's kit for that comes out later this year. You can say it like the German rappers do: "Ja ja!"

[Source: eMercedes Benz]

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