eBay Find of the Day: Thunder Monster

Better than Alex Rodriguez in April, this eBay seller hits home runs with the car truck thing he's got for sale, the Thunder Monster moniker, and the text of the actual listing, which you'll just have to read.

This is a T-Bird that was left too long on The Island of Dr. Moreau. The beast is a 450-500 hp 4-wheel-drive that's top half '58 T-Bird (one of the 'Squarebirds'), bottom half '77 Chevy Blazer, and a chopped out bed. The 350 V8 was blessed with a 383 stroker kit, and according to the seller, it would make "a great hot rod that would not take much to turn into a show winner." The next paragraph lists all the stuff you'll have to fix just to make it down the street safely.

If you were wondering, the seller assures all that "There is no other like it on earth." Of course, he also says "it looks great." We have to admit, unorthodox as it is, and even though it looks like a jacked up angry red eating machine . . . we kinda like it. But for us, it is the seller's last admonition that seals the deal: "get your finances in order before you bid, ask mamma if it's ok, and all that stuff first." Too right!

If the auction has ended before you get a chance to feast your eyes, you can see the pics here.

Thanks for the tip, Doug!

[Source: eBay]

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