Call it a Tin Snail, a Duck or whatever - the Citroen 2CV is back as a diesel-hybrid

Auto Express UK has a preview of the redesigned Citroën 2CV, a still-snail-like concept vehicle that brings the iconic vehicle from the second half of the 20th Century rushing into the 21st with some green credentials. The 2CV update - with a concept vehicle possibly destined for the auto shows in 2009 - will likely be a diesel-electric hybrid with high mpg and low emissions. The vehicle architecture will likely be based on the C3 supermini and C4 hatch. Other than that, there's very little information available at this point, but the new CV2 looks to enter the family car market and will compete by meshing classic looks with good-for-the-environment fuel requirements. And duck-lovers around the world start cheering.

Read more at Auto Express.

[Source: Autoexpress UK, h/t to Great Slack]

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