Canadian man will trade snakes for car, any takers?

You want to be a photographer and herpetologist but haven't found the right camera and nest of vipers at the right price. You also happen to have a car worth about $3,500 Canadian that you want to get rid of. Well there's a man in London, Ontario who's got a deal for you. In return for that car he will give you a Canon Digital Rebel XT camera with accessories . . . and snakes -- with accessories. You can get a full list of hardware, serpentware (including "1.2 Jungle Corns"), and add-ons by following the 'Read' link below. This just bolsters our theories that Canadians actually are just as strange as Americans, and you can find absolutely anything on the Internet. When you see offers like this, it is always best to remember Lord Tennyson: Ours is not to question why. . . .

[Source: Jalopnik]

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