We are going to need electricity for our cars ... but not from coal!

Time and time again, from expert after expert, we hear that the nations of the planet must start turning to clean sources of energy, and fast. Vinod Khosla recently suggested that we use solar thermal sources, and he also mentioned that nuclear may be an option for the future. Solar arrays seem to be popping up, many times by individual companies looking to save on their own energy costs. Wind farms have been making the news as of late as well, sometimes we hear more from the people against them, but we hear about them anyway. When was the last time you heard about a new coal fired power plant being built? How about today?

That may just be a reality in the U.K., as Greenpeace reports. It seems that a company by the name of Eon has proposed a few new coal plants, ones that are only able to achieve 45 percent efficiency at that! In case you were wondering, the last new coal plant built in the U.K. 33 years ago. Progress? More like on step forward, two steps back!

[Source: Greenpeace via Hugg]

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