PC Mag Digital Drive Awards names BMW X5 its COTY

I know when people ask me to what car to buy, I always tell them to grab a copy of PC Magazine. After all, given all the electronics it takes to make a new car even start, who would know more about them more than a computer magazine? And if you're a PC mag writing about cars, then clearly you must give out some kind of award, too.

Actually PC Mag's Digital Drive Awards are focused on all sorts of technology in new vehicles. They first established a list of new technologies that are becoming mainstream and then sought out those vehicles with equipment that is currently bleeding edge. iPod connections are so 2006, but built-in hard-drives and lane departure warning systems are the new black. In spite of iDrive, PC Mag gave its overall Car of the Year award to the new second generation BMW X5. You can check out the rest of the Digital Drive Awards, which include Best Nav, Best Parking and Best Audio, by clicking the Read link.

Thanks for the tip, Corinne!

[Source: PC Magazine]

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