How many special edition Mustangs is too much? Meet the Miastang

click above for more images of the M1Stang "Miastang"

One could argue that the Mazda Miata has become our generation's Pontiac Fiero. We've seen the Miata become the kit car du jour in the form of a BMW Z3 and Aston Martin, but this conversion may take the cake. Though we have dubbed this car the Miastang, it's real name is the M1Stang. Carscoop reports that the man behind this Miata-based Mustang replica is one Bill Carnes, who will take your Zoom Zoom roadster and approximately $12,999 plus tax in exchange for his strange concoction. Clearly, the entire body of the Miata save the windshield is replaced with all steel body panels that nicely mimic the Mustang of old. Unfortunately, the $13k base price doesn't include painting or updating the decidedly un-Mustang interior, but the conversion can be performed on any Miata from 1990-2005. Some may call it an abomination, but we think it's pretty amusing and actually a fairly faithful recreation.

[Source: M1Stang via Carscoop]

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