Hey there $3/gallon gas! Long time no see. How've ya been?

I'm sure some of our European readers simmer with envy that gas is so cheap (comparatively) in America, but for many Americans the current prices look quite pricey. According to AAA, gas prices are about as high today as they've been in the last twelve months, which doesn't really bode well for the upcoming summer months, historically a time of higher gas prices. I wonder how people who still drive gas guzzlers are feeling about another summer of $50+ fill ups.

The national average for gas prices in America today was $2.977, more than a penny higher than yesterday. A year ago we were looking at $2.92, and the highest price in the last twelve months was $3.03. And, based on the trend we see in the graph, we can expect average gas prices to rise by about 9-10 more cents in the next month or so. Who's up for a bike ride?

[Source: AAA]

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