Give it to us straight: VW exec says Scirocco may be U.S.-bound afterall

It's hardly been a week since we told you that the sexy VW Scirocco wouldn't be coming stateside, and now it seems VW of America vice president Adrian Hallmark may have been premature in his assessment. Now VW spokesman Hans-Gerd Bode is telling us that the big cheese, VW Chairman Martin Winterkorn, will have the final say in this matter.

The folks over at Autoweek seem to think that the 2008 Geneva Motor Show would be the best time for VW to announce whether or not the Scirocco will be coming to the US, but we aren't so sure. It makes sense for VW to unveil the production version of the Scirocco at Geneva, where VW was eerily silent during the 2007 show, but we'll put our money on Volkswagen making that announcement on US soil if the Scirocco is headed here.

We were a little surprised that Hallmark's reasoning for not bringing the Scirocco to the US was because it "might cannibalize GTI sales". VW's current lineup consists of four small cars, a mid-size, and an SUV, what's one more good-looking, fun to drive hatch going to hurt?

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