Ford: No more new Land Rovers for Sudan

After being questioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ford has agreed to stop all Land Rover sales in Sudan. The SEC was checking into reports from the chaotic nation that the janjaweed militia and Sudanese military were able to obtain Land Rover Defenders which they then equipped with machine guns.

The U.S. currently has a strict embargo against Sudan, and forbids the export of U.S. goods to the African nation except for humantarian purposes. Ford CEO Don Leclair said in a response to the SEC, "... the bulk of the small sales volume in Sudan had been directed to the Ministry of the Interior for humanitarian purposes and that other governmental sales had been largely for agricultural development purposes."

Ford has done the right thing here. Their actions probably won't reduce the bloodshed in Sudan, but hopefully the militias will be forced to get their vehicles through more resource-consuming routes.

[Source: AP via Brisbane Times]

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