Bentley shoots for the 10k mark with updated Conti

"Don't mess with success" seems to be the motto over at Bentley, as the premium automaker prepares some mild revisions to the Continental range, the GT version of which has been on the market unchanged for three years running.

As we reported earlier, the revisions to the Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur will be minimal. Updated bumpers front and rear will join new wheels as the chief exterior tweaks, and although no spy shots have surfaced as of yet, the interior is reported to be refreshed, too.

Dealers can't seem to keep the Continental in the showrooms long enough, and Crewe hopes to hit the magic 10,000 figure for annual sales, growing from 9200 last year. In any other segment, we couldn't picture owners trading in for a new model differentiated by so little, but when you're selling to big spenders, anything is possible.

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[Source: Car magazine]

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