MidBox feature introduced for Ford F-150

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We got a peek at it via a spy photo back in March, and it's now officially available. The feature shown above is SVE Commercial Products' MidBox Professional Storage System for the Ford F-150 truck. It's a secure storage add-on that adds over 26 cubic feet of lockable storage space to the F-150. It's nicely integrated, too, as it uses existing mounting holes for its installation, features an OEM F-series door handle, and locks and unlocks using the driver's door key. Naturally, it's available in the full range of factory Ford colors, so it matches the rest of the truck its mounted to perfectly. Ordering it is as easy as selecting RPO code 55M when building your new truck. Full details can be found in the press release after the jump.

[Source: SVE Commercial Products]

New MidBox Adds Storage Capacity & Versatility to the Ford F-150

Owners of Ford F-150 pickups work as hard as their trucks do. That's why SVE Commercial Products is introducing the MidBox Professional Mobile Storage System for F-150 Regular and Supercab models. The new MidBox is Ford Motor Company's approved option for flexible, secure storage that maintains factory styling while adding 26.3 cubic feet of storage space.

Inconspicuously located behind the cab and to the front of the pickup bed, MidBox is accessible from both sides of the vehicle. For added convenience, the same key that operates the driver's door is also used to lock and unlock MidBox, so no additional keys are needed. With maximum security in mind, the MidBox was designed with latches featuring double-bitted keys and lock tumblers that provide exceptional safekeeping of equipment and supplies. For a seamless appearance, MidBox makes use of original equipment (OE) Ford door handles and factory Ford F-Series production colors.

Configured with one of the largest payload and secured storage solutions in the industry, the MidBox Professional Mobile Storage System is as tough as the Ford F-150 pickup with a number of unique features, including:

* Rugged Construction -- Double-paneled doors and factory hardware provide
strength and security. Dent resistant exterior door panels not only
match the vehicle's body panels, but resist scratches and dents.

* Heavy-Duty Door Seals -- Commercial-grade weatherstripping makes the
interior compartment weather- and dust-resistant.

* Durable Performance -- Commercial-grade door hinges and hardware, OE
factory door handles and rotary latches keyed to the vehicle ignition
provide years of trouble-free service.

* Powder Coated Steel Construction -- 10-gauge and 16-gauge steel panels
with a powder-coated surface provides a tough, durable, corrosion-
resistant finish.

* Sturdy Installation -- Maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle
by using only existing mounting holes and support points during

The MidBox Professional Mobile Storage System can be ordered by requesting that trucks be built with the RPO Code 55M -- MidBox Prep Package. The MidBox Chassis is sent to SVE Commercial Products where the MidBox is installed, along with other selected options. It is then re-entered into Ford's transportation system and shipped directly to the dealership using the Ship- Thru code 31A/D9K.

For more information on MidBox for the Ford F-150, as well as additional vehicle applications, visit http://www.midbox.com/ or call 877-374-5559.

About SVE Commercial Products:

SVE Commercial Products designs, engineers, and manufactures high-quality components and accessories for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket industries. In addition to providing innovative customized vehicles directly to the OEMs, SVE Commercial Products is now partnered with Strategic Suppliers to offer complete mobile office designs featuring innovations and features that allow customers to securely stow, haul, and perform at the job site with confidence. For more information, log on to http://www.svefleet.com/.

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