Toyota NA Prez: Our sales growth will be slowed when other companies make fuel-efficient cars

It's a page from the school of lowered expectations playbook.
Toyota Motor North America president Jim Press is not saying the company is done expanding, just that the Japanese automaker's growth potential is not unlimited. What's the main factor that will cut into Toyota's outstanding sales? When other companies get fuel-efficient vehicles right.

"The expansion of fuel-efficient products was really unanticipated," Press told Auto News (subs req'd). "Katrina, $3-a-gallon fuel, an awakening of America's understanding of the environment. These issues were all bubbling up at the same time. ... We took advantage of an early investment in technology. ... The investments have been made in new products. A lot of the competitors are just now beginning to make that payoff come to market. As others come forward with more fuel-efficient products, we are going to have more competition. It's not right to figure that our current growth rate is going to continue ad infinitum. It's not."

On second thought, maybe that's not really lowering expectations. It might be kind of a challenge to the Big 2.5, don't you think?

[Source: Mark Rechtin, Automotive News]

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