Saleen may release S281 Heritage Edition

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Thanks to the Saleen Owners and Ethusiasts Club, we can show you these pics of a new Mustang soon to be released by Saleen (Yes, another special edition Mustang!). The car is called the S281 Heritage Edition, and while we have no official information on the car besides what can be gleaned from these pics, it's apparent Saleen has taken many cues from the wildly popular Parnelli Jones Edition Mustang. The S281 Heritage Edition, however, is dipped in white rather than the iconic Grabber Orange paint color. It appears that exterior differences are limited to the absence of the shaker scoop and tie down pins on the hood. The graphics treatment is different as well, with a large black stripe only on the hood and two-prong black stripes on the sides. Thankfully, the rear louvers are in tact. The wheels also appear to be unique five-spoke rims, whereas the Parnelli Jones Edition wears seven-spokers, though we're not sure if this new set is a Saleen design or not. Finally, out back we can see the Saleen name spread across the rear deck lid and, wait, what's that down there? That's right, quad exhaust outlets in place of the pair of oval tips on the Parnelli Jones Edition.

Again, since we have no official info yet, we can't say what's going on under the hood, but we wouldn't be surprised if the same enlarged 5.0L powerplant in the Parnelli Jones Edition is offered here, as well. Of course, it could also be offered with the variety of engines available in the S281 lineup, all the way up to the S281 Extreme's 550-hp mill. We'll let you know when we have more info, but for now you can feast on these images.

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