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Earthrace on their record attempt: Not gonna happen...

You have to give it to the Earthrace crew for keeping the faith as long as they have, and with all of the problems that they have encountered along the way, including the possible breakage of their boat and a deadly accident involving a fishing boat. Just a few days ago, we updated you that they had revised their trip plan in one final last ditch attempt to break the record of circumnavigating the globe using their biodiesel-powered boat. But, it seems that reality has recently struck, and they are going to go ahead and finally call it quits.

Perhaps the crew can get all of the problems behind them in the next few years and go for another attempt, as the idea of using biodiesel to power their boat in an attempt to raise awareness of the fuel might just be good enough press to make it into the public spotlight.

[Earthrace via The Sietch Blog]

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