Dodge Challenger preproduction body shells caught on camera

click above image to view more pics of these Dodge Challenger body shells

These pics showing multiple preproduction Dodge Challenger body shells are what you might call radioactive. They were originally posted in a thread on the forums on Saturday night at 9:25PM EST. We learned about them shortly afterward when a link was posted in a thread on the forums. We've been in contact with Chrysler about them, who obviously view the pictures as a very serious breach in security. They were clearly taken illegaly on private property, which at first gave us serious pause. Since then, however, they've begun to show up on more and more websites. We have no one to which we can attribute the photos, and considering their radioactivity, likely never will.

From our perspective, however, these pics are actually a good thing for Chrysler. We haven't heard much about the Challenger in a while, and these images are sure to spark up interest again in the automaker's forthcoming pony car. We should be straight with you and mention that the production Challenger is still a ways off and these shells do not necessarily reveal any reliable information about what the production car will be like. The only appreciable difference that we can identify between the concept and these shells, in fact, is the addition of a fixed B-pillar. Still, it's great to see hard evidence that the Challenger project is moving forward, bringing all of us closer to the day when we can roll down to the nearest Chrysler dealer and pick one up for ourselves.

[Source: via GMInsideNews]

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