Cops: Loverboy preferred the public's transportation over public transportation

Love makes us all a little crazy sometimes. Some of us, however, a little crazier than others, as evidenced by this story. Police say Antonio Moreno, 31, loved his girl so much he was willing to drive 180 miles round-trip several times a month to see her in Santa Barbara. Dedication to the gal you love is hardly ever worth the attention of the cops, but according to the authorities, Moreno was making these three hour drives in someone else's car. Sorry, someone else's cars. Plural. In fact, about 26 someone else's cars.

Moreno, who was apparently without transportation or license, is accused of stealing cars, mostly mid-80s and early 90s Camrys, in his hometown of Los Angeles. He'd then drive them up to Santa Barbara for some lovin', dumping the Toyotas near his girlfriend's house, then stealing another car to take home. Police say nine stolen Camrys were found near his girl's house, and when Moreno was arrested in L.A., he was driving a 1988 Camry recently reported stolen in Santa Barbara.

So now Moreno faces multiple auto theft charges and if convicted, probably faces some pretty lengthy jail time. At least he'll have his lady to greet him when he gets out...oh, wait. The story ends with, "The woman, who had been trying to end the relationship over the last several weeks..." What? She too good for Camrys?

[Source: The Santa Barbara Independent]

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