Volkswagen has added a new version to their range of TSI engines as well as an updated DSG dual clutch gearbox. At the Vienna Motor Symposium they are showing a 122 hp 1.4L TSI that like it's 138 hp and 168 hp siblings uses direct fuel injection and turbocharger. Unlike the two more powerful engines, this new variant has no mechanical supercharger. The 1.4L TSI has seven percent more power and thirty percent more torque than VW's 1.6L FSI engine while consuming six percent less fuel. The TSI engine will be mated up to a new DSG gearbox with an extra cog bringing it up to seven speeds. The new box also uses a dry sump rather than the wet clutches of the first generation DSG. In the Golf the combination yields 40 mpg.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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