Full interview with Richard Branson now available on Saab UK website

Richard Branson is familiar to anyone who follows biofuel news or the hairstyles of millionaires. This week, Saab UK sat down with Mr. Virgin for a talk about biofuels, hydrogen and more. Here are my five favorite bits:
  • "I am in the lucky position of owning some profitable transport businesses and I feel it is the right thing to invest those profits over the next 10 years in helping to develop the future for those businesses."
  • "[Biofuels] could be a great boost for some African economies."
  • "I think biofuel could be 20% of all fuel used in Europe and the US by 2020.
  • "I have been looking very hard at the carbon footprint that I produce as an individual and I am currently working on making my home - Necker Island in the Caribbean - which is also a private tourist resort into the first carbon neutral island in the Caribbean. We are in the process of converting entirely from traditional power production there to wind and solar power."
  • "There are some businesses that can never be carbon neutral and they shouldn't try to pretend they can be and there are others that can really achieve it. But the solution to the issue of climate change is not simply through planting inappropriate trees in the wrong place. We have to be more scientific about it than that."
You can read the entire piece at the Saab website.

[Source: Saab UK]

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