SEMA cometh: Toyota bringing two new models, Lexus gets pimped

Toyota is taking its position as the official vehicle manufacturer of SEMA 2007 seriously. So seriously that the automaker is using the aftermarket showcase as the backdrop for two new Toyota vehicle world premieres. The massive factory displays at the show already indicate how seriously the automakers take it, but a double world premiere still strikes us as a pretty big deal . One of the two could well be the new Matrix, which is due in the Spring of 2008, and should look right at home on the show floor modded to the gills. As for the other debut, your guess is as good as ours, and as our friends at Winding Road point out, the debuts could also be special package versions of existing vehicles. There's plenty of time for information leaks to spring from the Toyota mothership between now and October, so the speculation is sure to continue.

Lexus is also headed onto the SEMA floor for the first time in an official capacity this year, so expect to see some extensively pimped-out sleds wearing the "L" on the grille. We'll be there to bring it all to you as it happens.

[Source: SEMA via Winding Road]

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