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In Japan, the G37 gets its Skyline on as birthday bash commences

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The Nissan Skyline's 50th Anniversary exhibit opened Tuesday, April 24th at Tokyo Midtown, and that means that the new Skyline Coupe (a.k.a. Infiniti G37 here in the States) has made its first official appearance. The exhibit in Tokyo features examples from each generation of the Skyline, and the opening event was attended by luminaries including Oscar nominee Ken Watanabe. A series of television commercials featuring well-known personalities like Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro is also being aired in Japan to coincide with the 50th Anniversary and the Coupe's launch. As for the Skyline Coupe, what's there to say? It's got all the goodness of the G37, just with Nissan badges -- and a name that carries some serious cachet in Japan.

[Source: Nissan]

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