Could this be the most trick shift knob ever?

We've always been of the opinion that if it doesn't make you go faster, stick better or be safer, it's generally a waste of money. There have been exceptions, but this has to be one of the coolest.

The idea is pretty self-explanatory: on top of the shift knob is an LCD that after telling it the number of gears and, we're assuming, the movement of the stalk, displays what cog your transmission is residing.

Unfortunately, our German is a bit rusty, so when we downloaded the Indy-Cator's directions, we weren't able to decipher how it's programmed. If you've got the means, we'd ask you to check out the company's website and let us know exactly how this little piece of automotive geeketry works.

According to TMTuning, installation is straightforward, the LCD has an auto-dimming feature and it can be yours in blue or red for $169.00. Worthwhile? That's in the hand of the beholder.

[Source: via TMTuning]

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