BMW studio designs jet for fictional Russian billionaires

Imagine you're a Russian magnate with a globetrotting lifestyle. What could be more perfect than your very own Boeing 787? BMW Designworks USA was apparently picturing a cross between a James Bond Villain and a successful Gen-Xer when they dreamt up a custom interior, converting the sky-dwelling bus into a monster executive jet. The interior is ultra-chic with lots of clean white expanses. A window in the floor lets you check on the status of your four-wheeled executive transport -- A BMW, natch.

The jet probably has more square footage than most commoner's homes, and though the entire thing is a flight of fancy, studying the images for details reveals a mobile command post we'd never want to leave. There's hardwood floors, a multi-level foyer, a bar that looks like it came out of some trendy euro nightclub, a conference room, and a several chic living suites. The interior was created for the Hamburg Aircraft Interior Expo, to showcase BMW Designworks's abilities. A seperate entity from the car side of BMW, Designworks has had their hands in the design of tons of cool stuff, from cellphones to John Deere tractors. Maybe they should let Designworks try their hand at the next 7-series?

[Source: Gadling]
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