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Van operators learn to drive cleaner for 160

"Hey you. Yeah, you. You don't have to drive your route today. Just give the keys to Joey. He's been through what you're going through: The Drive & Survive course."
That's what some drivers in the UK have been hearing as the folks behind the Safe And Efficient Driving (SAFED) for Vans program teach the Drive & Survive driver training to van operators so they learn to decrease fuel consumption, cause fewer accidents, and make deliveries quicker. Drive & Survive offers full-day training sessions for company drivers throughout England,

Through the end of March, the subsidized program offered the training for free for companies with fewer than 250 employees (they had to provide their own vans) and larger companies paid just £50 per head. Now the price has jumped up to £160 per head.

In the words of those offering the service: "Your drivers will be coached by experienced, empathetic trainers who are well used to dealing with those who drive for a living, and the techniques learned will be easily applicable to everyday driving scenarios without affecting normal work patterns. In fact, the pilot programme demonstrated that, by adopting the SAFED training techniques, fuel consumption can not only improve by up to 14% but journey times can be cut by 1.5% too."

How much does that 14 percent add up to? "If a hypothetical van in the normal course of its work was completing journeys totalling 200 miles per day at an average fuel consumption of 40 mpg, the cost of the course would be repaid in full in fuel savings alone in just nine weeks," says Mark Edwards, Drive & Survive's Training Manager on the company website.

[Source: Drive & Survive UK]

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