Possible Cuda for Chrysler? Foose thinks so, we don't

The interweb is atwitter today thanks to a piece published by the Detroit News that hints Chrysler may revive the storied Cuda nameplate. Such a car would obviously share a platform with the upcoming Challenger, though would be sold as a Chrysler model since its original parent brand, Plymouth, is long since shuttered. The rumor was started by an interview given by famed hot rod tuner Chip Foose at the 2007 New York Auto Show earlier this month in which he mentioned the possibility of such a car.

We think the rumor has pretty weak legs to stand on, considering it originated from a guy who doesn't even work for Chrysler. Though Foose has partnered with DCX on a number of projects, there's no reason they would release such sensitive information to him. It could be the case that Foose wants a Chrysler Cuda to be developed and sold, but that's an entirely different story.

Plus, the New York Auto Show has been done and over for about three weeks. The possibility of a new Cuda is pretty hot info, so as a fellow publisher we're boggled why The Detroit News would sit on it for so long. As for the rendering that appears with the source article, while tastefully done by our friend George Achorn, is clearly just a tweaked version of a Challenger pic with a new color and different wheels. If Chrysler ever did decide to build the Cuda again, hopefully it would be differentiated by more than that.

The rendering we chose to use (above) is one done by the excellent Doug Schramm of www.creatingthelie.com fame. We found his pics of a Chrysler Cuda hanging out on ChryslerCuda.com. Cleary the Cuda's return became the wish of many Mopar enthusiasts as soon as the Challenger Concept first took the stage at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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