Phew! Optimus Prime does not have lips

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As excited as we all are for the release of the new Transformers movie on July 4th, the Autobot faithful are at the same time extremely nervous about what director Michael Bay will do with their beloved franchise of alien robots. We reported a week or so back on a new TV spot that showed Optimus Prime speaking, and while it was great to hear the gruff, digitized voice of our favorite semi truck, fans were shocked when they saw Prime without his faceplate. The spot showed what appeared to be mechanical lips of all things!

Sources close to Bay report that the TV spot was actually a European test not meant for release. The lips were something added by the European studios and won't be in the film, which means Optimus Prime's vocal instruments will remain nicely shrouded by that stainless steel faceplate. Phew, close call.

In the meantime, more pics from the movie were released, which we've assembled in our Transformers gallery. We're particularly amped by the one above, which shows a freshly waxed and polished Prime laying the smack down on a Decepticon. You know where we'll be at midnight on July 4th. Waiting in line at the googleplex like everyone else.

[Source: via Jalopnik]
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