Not all Chinese designs SOAR

While some Chinese companies have begun to figure out what we Westerners like, others still speak a different design language.

Winding Road stumbled across this oddity from Chinese automaker SOAR while attending the recent Shanghai Auto Show. The car was on display in the parking lot. however, without much explanation.

They guessed correctly that the car was definitely a modified something, but couldn't decide what. To the rescue comes China Car Times. Based in Qingdao Provence, CCT happens to be neighbors to Qingdao-based SOAR. Lurking under all those modifications, says CCT, is nothing more than a Brilliance BS6 sedan, which, you might remember (and if not, click that last link), could become the first Chines e-built car sold in the U.S. later this year.

Does that mean that the SOAR look could soon follow? Possibly as a bolt-on kit? Oh, please no. Please, please, please no.

[Sources: Winding Road, China Car Times]

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