Audi to make new R4 to compete with Porsche Boxter?

The Audi brand is in full-blown growth mode right now, with newer products like the Q7 and A3 soon to be joined by the A5 and R8, and Audi promises that 22 new products in total are on the way. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated product of all is the forthcoming R8, which has garnered lots of attention from news media and enthusiasts alike. Since Audi's supercar has been well-received, why not add a smaller Boxster-fighter to keep the good vibes going?

We've already told you about speculation that Audi was cooking up an R4 for 2009 or 2010, and now South Africa's topCar magazine is giving us more gas for the flame. We like Audi's 2.0L FSI turbo four, but at 270 hp, powering a 2,500-2800lb car, we'd like it even more. topCar reports that an all-new platform is being designed for the R4, with a steel spaceframe and plastic and aluminum body panels. Of course, a more sporty RS4 is rumored to be on the way as well, which could be powered by a 2.5L inline five with 350 hp.

It seems like everything under the sun is scheduled to appear in 2009 and 2010, and if even half of it comes to fruition, we'll be some busy bloggers. We hope the R4 is among the projects that makes the cut.

[Source: Wheels24 via Winding Road]

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