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Taking Liberty: Car thief blunders big-time with trade-in

Today's tale involving the questionable decision-making skills of criminals comes from Norwalk, CT. It seems that one Jazrahel King had visited the Wholesalers of America used car lot on Main Street in the hopes of test driving some vehicles. The staff at the dealership nixed the drives, however, after discovering that Mr. King had some issues with his credit.

According to sales manager Diego Coleman, this particular setback did not exactly deter King, who was seen by staffers walking around the lot at the same time Coleman was prepping a recently-sold 2003 Jeep Liberty for customer pick-up. The Jeep, which had the keys in it, must have been left unattended for a moment, because the next thing anyone knew was that both the SUV and Jazrahel King were history.

Read on to learn how not to flip your boost.

[Source: AP via the Connecticut Post]

Fast forward a month to this past Saturday. Much to the surprise of everyone, Mr. King, who is clearly in no danger of achieving "Bond Villain" status on the criminal mastermind scale, returned to the Wholesalers of America dealership with the same Jeep looking to trade it in. Cops were called, an arrest was made, and now you have something to chuckle about this afternoon.

We'd be interested to know how this guy managed to keep the car for a whole month, though, considering the dealer had enough info on him to run a credit check. No one thought to drive by his house after both he and the Jeep disappeared at the same time?

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