When Honda first introduced the NSX in 1990 it was designed to take on the best exotics that Europe had to offer while providing levels of comfort, refinement and efficiency unheard of from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Among all their other projects Honda is currently working on is a successor to the now-departed NSX that was sold under the Acura brand in North America.

The new flagship is likely to have styling resembling the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept shown at the Detroit Auto Show last January and propulsion from a 500hp 5.0L V-10. Honda engineers are targeting fuel consumption of 23.5mpg which is impressive for such a powerful car and better than the 20.2mpg achieved by the last 276hp V-6 NSX.

Unfortunately while Honda will undoubtedly throw all their best gas internal combustion tech into this engine, it doesn't look they're doing anything truly innovative. If they were to maintain a similar power level and achieve the same level of efficiency improvement, they would be looking a mpg numbers in the mid to upper 30s. If they then combined that with a simpler lightweight car they could achieve the performance of the 500hp car. Instead it looks like they will be throwing anything they can at the car to match the checklists of every other competitor.

[Source: Winding Road]

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