Ford sticks up for Transport for London's cycling safety campaign

Not everyone chooses to drive a car, and for the folks who eschew the internal combustion engine in favor of the two pistons God gave 'em, sharing the road with cars and trucks can be a hairy and potentially dangerous experience. Transport for London is in the midst of a campaign called "Share The Road," whose intent is to make cycling a safer bet for citizens who choose to do so, whether it be for their daily commute or just for pleasure.
Ford Transit Operations is working with TfL on this front, and has affixed stickers to the trailers it operates which deliver cars and parts to the automaker's UK dealer network. The decals read, "Cyclists - beware of passing this vehicle on the inside." As we all know, the inside is generally the driver's blind side, and the hope is that the stickers will serve as a visible reminder to not take that unnecessary risk. Biking to work may be good for the environment and your health, but if you put yourself in the hospital (or worse) by taking chances with the traffic you're sharing the streets with, it won't do anyone much good, now will it?

[Source: Ford]

BRENTWOOD, Essex, 23 April, 2007 – Ford truck drivers are looking to make roads safer for cyclists by joining forces with Transport for London (TfL).

Ford is supporting TfL's "Share the Road" campaign, which is designed to encourage cooperation between all road users, by displaying signs on 2,000 Ford trailers warning cyclists not to undertake the truck in front. Every year thousands of accidents happen when cyclists try to pass on the inside of a large vehicle turning left.

Chris Woodmore, manager of Ford's Transport Operations, said: "We are delighted to work with Transport for London on this initiative. Ford trailers travel more than 10 million miles every year and present an ideal opportunity to get this message across to cyclists where it will be noticed."

The signs carry the message "Cyclists - beware of passing this vehicle on the inside". They are designed to address the particular threat cyclists face from goods vehicles turning left, when HGV drivers are not able to see cyclists between their vehicles and the kerb.

Chris Lines, TfL's head of road safety, said: "We are making progress in cutting the number of cyclists hurt on London's roads, but those involved in collisions with goods vehicles are still too high. By creating the new poster and working in partnership with Ford, I hope we can get the message out to cyclists to be careful when riding near HGVs and also to help educate drivers to watch out for cyclists."

Ford Transport Operations distribute vehicles and components to Ford's UK dealers and plants. It is based at the company's Dagenham estate, in Essex, and employs 940 drivers and other logistics specialists to run its truck fleet.

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