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Ford road speed limiters can save money at the pump

Look through any of the bazillion "E-Z fuel saving tips" lists the came out around Earth Day and you'll see sensible speeds listed in there somewhere. This is because driving too fast burns excess fuel. In the UK, Ford is making this point to fleet operators with a chart released today that shows how driving 60 or 65 mph lowers fuel use and reduces CO2 emissions. As you can see from the reproduced chart above (click here for a larger version), cruising at either of those two speeds is cleaner than going 70.

Of course, Ford isn't doing this out of pure altruism. All diesel Ford Transit models can come equipped with a road speed limiter (RSL) that costs just £25 but can stop the vans' from going more than 60 or 65 mph and, therefore, save the operators in fuel costs. I can't imagine there are many fleet managers who don't see savings as a big help to the company. Ford fleet operations director Kevin Griffin says in a release that Ford believes using RSLs can be one of the most cost-effective approaches to limit emissions and lower costs.

[Source: Ford]

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