Connecticut's BioBus makes a biodiesel stop in Hartford tomorrow

BioBus, a science-torium on wheels that is a project of CURE (Connecticut United for Research Excellence, Inc.), will be at the state capitol in Hartford tomorrow showcasing its new fuel: biodiesel.

Biodiesel (what percentage blend? That's left unspoken) will also power the generators that run the buses' scientific equipment. Greenleaf Biofuels of Guilford has agreed to produce fuel for the BioBus for the next two years.

On Thursday morning, the BioBus staff will collect veggie oil from schoolkids to turn into biodiesel, conduct experiments with students and then Greenleaf Biofuels founder Gus Kellogg will give a speech on biofuels. If you're in the area, the events are free and open to the public.

[Source: CURE]

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