Update on Chevy Minicar vote

Time to check in on the voting for America's Next Micro Chevy. Remember the online voting Chevy opened up to determine which of their three minicar concepts would reach production? Well, in just a short time, the site has registered nearly 800,000 votes. The leader so far is the baby HHR-like Groove, with the WTCC-like Beat a ways back in second, and both far ahead of the baby-ute Trax. In case you don't remember these three concepts, Chevy decided to bring three minicars to the 2007 New York Auto Show earlier this month to hedge its bets and let the public decide which one we like best. You can still head over to www.vote4chevrolet.com to vote for your favorite. Chevy has said there is no guarantee the most popular vehicle will be built, but the voting results will help guide the development of a future global mini car from GM.

Have you voted? The Autoblog team is split, with at least one vote for each.

[Source: Winding Road]

In brief, the candidates are: The Beat (green) is by far the most sporty of the trio, with its slicked back styling and comparatively large 1.2L turbo engine. Technically described as a "tuner" car, the Beat is meant to be customized much like a Scion to an owner's own individual tastes. The Beat is a front-wheel-drive, three-door hatch with an automatic tranny to divvy up the tiny motor's available power.

The Groove concept (black) is much like a mini HHR, a five-door wagon with a tall roof and flat sides. It's extremely short hood, big wheel arches and nonexistent overhangs mean that every square inch of the platform is utilized. Consider this the most practical concept of the three. Also a front-driver, the Groove is powered by a 1L diesel engine.

Finally there's the Trax (orange), which we've met before. The Trax concept is the mini ute of the bunch, doing its best to feign even the slightest ability to venture off the beaten path. We wouldn't suggest it however, as those tires lack any meaningful tread and the ride height, while high compared to the other two concepts, could hardly clear a curb (if that). It's the only one of the three that features round headlights, though its four-door, upright, box-like packaging mimics that of the Groove concept. It's powered by a 1L gas engine.

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