Today's forecast: Mid-70s temps, 100% chance of Veyron

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This week in Greenwich, the weather is sunny, the temps are well into the 70s, and Miller Motorcars has a fresh Veyron parked out front. Finished in Deep Red and Chocolate -- like a 987-horsepower cherry cordial -- it looks suitably delicious gleaming in the midday sun. In a lot cluttered with Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Aston Martins of every type and color, the Bugatti looks like a predator among prey, always poised to strike. Everything else around it, no matter how stately and wonderful, looks merely average by comparison.

UPDATE: If you want more Veyron, turn back the clock and visit our June, 2006 post on the first two cars that stopped at Miller as they toured dealers in the region. It's newly-gallerized for your pleasure.

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