Humans are creatures full of contradictions and the Italians are a prime example. I've had many Italian friends over the years and the birthplace of the renaissance is one of the most vibrant cultures you will encounter anywhere. If you've ever been invited to dinner at an Italian household, you'll know that dinner usually doesn't start until what many Americans would consider late in the evening and can often stretch well into the night with many courses and lots of wine. It's also not atypical for lunch to last a couple of hours or more. Just like other countries the food in Italy varies by region and the best meals are prepared from locally grown ingredients bought from the local market. With such origins it's always better to slow down and absorb the wonderful aromas and flavors.

On the flipside, the same people who savor these leisurely meals create some of the wildest, most conspicuous sports cars on the planet. The industrial region of Northern Italy is dotted with towns that play host to design houses like Pininfarina and ItalDesign and manufacturers like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. At first glance these insanely fast cars might seem at odds with the laid back pace of Italy, but if you consider it for a moment it's really all about appreciating the finer things in life whether it be culinary or automotive. Of course Italy is not just about supercars, with nearly sixty percent of cars in Italy being powered by diesels with an average size of 1.6L and an average output of 97hp. With that kind of output you'll have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous landscape. Check out a video on fast cars and slow food after the jump.

[Source: Food Trip, thanks to Linton for the Tip]

A segment from Food Trips with Todd English looking at fast cars and slow food.

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